Steelcor manufactures oil and air-cooled transformers from 10 to 4 000 kVA and having a primary voltage of up to 33 000 volts. The majority of our air-cooled class H transformers are supplied in IP55 enclosures with a heat exchange for cooling so that the outside air does not come into contact with the core and coils.

The following transformers are available:

  1. Air cooled distribution transformers up to 2 000 kVA @ 11 000 volts.
  2. Oil cooled distribution transformers up to 4 000 kVA @ 33 000 volts.
  3. Converter transformers for thyristor drives.
  4. Furnace transformers.

Steelcor supplies new transformers locally and internationally and also repairs and services the above-mentioned products.

Steelcor have been pioneers in manufacturing and supplying transformers filled with natural biodegradable, fire retardant Ester Oil.

1600 KVA transformer