Our Story


Steelcor, a leader in customized substations for the last 35 years, was formed in June 1981 and is based in the industrial suburb of Lilianton in the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipal area.  

The Directors and Shareholders of the company, Ron Wiggill, John Farren-Handford, Michael Wiggill and Juan von Benneke all have years of experience in the fields of design, service and manufacture of the below-mentioned products. 

Steelcor is registered in South Africa and all the directors are South African citizens. The company is a privately owned operation with no links to large corporately run conglomerates. This enables Steelcor to give customers a very personalised service.

The company is dynamic in its approach to customer’s requirements, be them small or large, and specialize in building products to customer’s specific technical requirements.

Steelcor is continually improving its products and most are type tested at NETFA.

Over the years, Steelcor has obtained substantial orders from major industrial and mining clients both locally and abroad.